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Garrol White, Land Surveyor Garroll White, P.L.S.
Garroll began as an intern with Tri City Engineering in 2009, and obtained his Professional Land Surveyor License in 2013.  He is an important member of the Tri City Engineering team.

Garroll has experience in all aspects of land surveying, construction surveying and mapping, and is the Lead Surveyor for Tri City Engineering.  His expertise includes using Civil 3D / AutoCAD software and G.P.S. equipment.

Garroll graduated with a B.S. degree from California State University Fresno’s Geomatics Engineering Program.  While at Fresno State he worked with The Fresno Historical Society for his senior project and led the project to laser scan the Historical Kearney Mansion for Digital Preservation.

Garroll is responsible for all aspects of surveying, calculations, and mapping; he is also responsible for the maintenance of survey equipment and vehicles.  Garroll also performs site inspections, and maintains detailed daily construction reports and documentation.