Engineering A Quality of Life

Asael Cardoso Asael Cardoso, Draftsman
Asael came to Tri City with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, and Chemistry from California State University. With his Mechanical Engineering and Chemistry background, Asael is able to apply his knowledge and implement drawings with topographical and relief maps used in Civil Engineering projets, such as: highways, pipelines, flood control, and water and sewerage control systems.

Asael has worked in the Mechanical and Chemical Industries as a Laboratory Technician (Chemist). He was part of the Mechanical and Food Analysis Department. As an Engineer (Mechanical), he worked with companies on the electrical side of mechanical machinery where he developed his desire to pursue Control Engineering. Here, he gained great knowledge of computer code and circuits. Shortly after, he entered teaching (Tulare County) where he taught Mechatronics. He has established himself with Tri City Engineering where he drafts plans and detailed drawings for structures, installations and construction projects.